Sunday, August 16, 2015

Thursday Night Hangboard Workout

I warmed up a bit on some easier climbs on Thursday night, and then Austin and Nicole convinced me to do some hangboard workout with them, training fr our Hueco trip. I'm not sure about the order, but it was something like:
  • 10 wide pullups on jugs
  • 10 knee raises on the worst slopers we could use
  • Lockoff on jug, then a one-arm negative (each arm, but it hurt my left shoulder so I didn't do it). These are really hard...
  • 5 second hang on each of the pockets. I used three fingers, Austin used two.
  • 30 second lockoff on jugs
  • Wall stands? Basically you do plank with feet against wall, then wheelbarrow backward while walking your feet up the wall. I did 3, Austin did 5. They hurt my wrists a bit.
  • 3 offset pullups on jugs for each arm
  • 15 second dead hang on the worst slopers we could use
  • 10 second dead hang on the worst 3-finger crimps we could use
  • 5 Sharmas (Nicole really wanted to do these). If you aren't familiar with them, you can probably Google them, but here's a really bad photo of me doing it. Austin has a great video, but he still hasn't sent it yet...
It was a pretty good workout and it definitely drained me! Here's to crushing in Hueco!