Sunday, August 16, 2015

Handstand Challenge!

Saturday night I embarked on a handstand challenge with guidance from Beth. Hopefully it will be a 30 day challenge. Or maybe more, but where I'm doing real handstands by then...

Day one consisted of trying to do L-pose against the wall. Basically do what it sounds like. Make an inverted L between your upper body and your legs, where your hands are on the ground and your legs are parallel to the floor. I couldn't do this pose at all. I kept falling over and couldn't "lift my hips" properly. Oh, and since my forearms are super tight, I use the Perfect Pushups instead of just having my hands flat on the ground.

Next was to try just doing a handstand against the wall. These went a lot better than I expected. And with voice command on Beth's phone, we were able to get some good photos of it!

Me doing a handstand!

Today was day two, and I made a lot of progress on L-pose. I can now get my hips up. Since my hamstrings are really tight too, I can't straighten my legs fully yet, but I'm at least feeling more comfortable getting my hips over my head. We'll see what happens the rest of this week!