Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday = Pull-Up Day

So Mondays are our pull-up days. We're trying to maintain three days "on" but without tearing up our fingers (yet). I'm pretty sure we got this from Rock and Ice, but I can't find the link right now. Basically, do a set of pull-ups in one minute. Any extra time is rest time. Repeat for five minutes. Rest five minutes. Then repeat this 10-minute workout 4-5 times.

Beth did three sets of two-pull-up rounds for a total of 30! And she did them in her awesome new Fractal.9 yoga pants!

Beth finishing up her pull-up workout. Check out those awesome Fractals!
I started off with several minutes in my rice bucket to warm up. I tried the rice bucket workout a while back but injured my finger (I must have ramped up too quickly) so I'm starting back in slowly. Right now I just play around in the rice a bit, squeezing and spreading my fingers, and deep fist rotations. Then I did five sets of five-pull-up rounds, ending with my last set on the Rock Rings. I haven't done them in a couple of weeks because of my shoulder, so hopefully it doesn't hurt too much tomorrow morning. Next week I'm hoping to increase it to six-pull-up rounds, we'll see.

Gotta get into shape for Hueco Tanks!