Friday, July 31, 2015

Flapper Friday

We don't have a lot to post for now. Yesterday was our lunchtime climbing day. Unfortunately, I forgot my bag at home and we didn't realize it until we got to the gym. No shoes, no tape, no chalk. We decided to just go home and put off climbing until today.

So today we met up at NARG after lunch. It was a pretty good day of climbing, though we kept it fairly simple. Beth did all of the ones and a few twos. I jumped around on some fours that I couldn't do, so I got on a couple of sevens (good idea, eh?). Unfortunately, I was stupid and pushed a little too hard and got a flapper on a dynamic move on that last seven. In the gym. I haven't gotten a flapper in years, and it's not like it was really even worth it! Oh well, luckily flappers tend to heal pretty quickly, and it could have been worse: I could have tweaked a tendon too. Picture coming soon (when I change my band aid).