Monday, September 14, 2015

The Beginning of Insanity

Today marked the beginning of our Insanity workout: the fitness test. My legs already hurt.
Beth stretching her hamstrings after Insanity Day 1
We bought Insanity several years ago and we tried it then. We got up to the week of yoga (halfway through) and just lost interest. I will say that it got me into much better shape, but I've clearly lost that cardio since then. Word of advice: don't do Insanity in a room with a ceiling fan...

I'll update this post with our fit test scores when I get home, and keep posting them as we go!

On another note, I have been getting much better at my handstand work. I've been practicing kicking up as well as holding a handstand against a wall. Last night I managed to kick up and hit the wall with my foot, but I'm not quite sticking the handstand yet. I am also able to hold a handstand for about 25 seconds, before either Beth makes me laugh or I forget my core and fall over. Progress!